Experts in Getting Everything to the Show on Time.

We can coordinate and verify all inbound freight to Advanced Warehouse and Direct-to-Show. We confirm or schedule all Outbound freight according to your instruction, minimizing forced-freight situations.

  Advanced Warehouse


  Post-Show Shipping

Lost Booth? No Problem.
If we can't track your booth with your freight company, we can replace it with a rental unit in time for your show.




Freight Fright: Behind the Scenes
Working with multiple shippers,
warehouses, vendors and schedules
can create a volatile mix. Experience
pays off in the details of trade show
freight coordination.

In 1999 we received a frantic call from
a company with staff on the floor with
no display. It had been shipped to a
holding space 150 miles west and they
could not get anyone on the phone.

As fate would have it, NCS was able to
access the correct administrators via
cell phone. (the office phones were down
due to a power failure) and we arranged
a special delivery before lunch ended
that day.

It pays to call the experts!

" His patience, can-do attitude and persistence in making sure that our needs were met is a remarkable trait that sets he and his team apart."   more>


Shipping advanced warehouse may appear to be more costly but in the long run saves you time and money because your freight is ready for target instantly instead of being stuck on a truck.